Photos from the IAA in Frankfurt 2009

This is from the VW Hall

further along was the Audi concept car

Then we come to the Bentleys

Bentley Bentley

then we went into the BMW Hall

first of all a roller

rolls Royce

then the minis -- including the concept car!


The one above is the concept car, as is the one below

Then into the BMW HAlle

BMW M6 BMW 120i BMW 120i with action

now for something a bit more sporty

BMW Z4 sDrive 35i

Now a few old timers

An Audi from 1930... Another old Audi

Now for people who like flamethrowers

Machine guns do not come as standard

The citroen concept car

Citroen concept car!

Then a proper Ciroen

Citroen racer Citroen DS3

Porsche were also there

Porsche turbo - 4 door?!?!

Now a real luxury car

Maybach zeppelin